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Third-Party Views

There are many perspectives on the global markets, the alternatives marketplace, specific structures, strategies, and so-on. Little Harbor selects third-party views for its website based on interesting content, craftsmanship, reputation, and detail to thought.

’40 Act Daily Liquidity Hedge Funds: Considerations for Institutional Investors (2014)
Pacific Alternative Asset Management Company

Performance Drag of Alternative Multi-Manager Mutual Funds (2014)
Beachhead Capital Management

Multi-Manager Funds: A Toolkit for Evaluation (2014)
Cambridge Associates

Why Optimal Diversification Cannot Outperform Naïve Diversification (2013)
Stephen J. Brown, Inchang Hwang, and Francis In

Tactics to Generate Alpha (2012)
Abbot Downing

Diversification in Funds of Hedge Funds: Is It Possible to Overdiversify? (2011)
Stephen J. Brown, Greg N. Gregoriou, Razvan Pascalau

Seminal Thought Pieces

Optimal Versus Naïve Diversification (2007)
Victor DeMiguel, Lorenzo Garlappi, and Raman Uppal

Finding the Sweet Spot of Hedge Fund Diversification (2004)
Francois-Serge Lhabitant and Michelle Learned De Piante Vicin

Fees on Fees in Funds of Funds (2003)
Stephen J. Brown, William N. Goetzmann, Bing Liang

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